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On Thursday, May 30 at 5 p.m. - premiere of the music video for the new song Loch Lomond. If you can, subscribe to our YT channel and turn on the bell as a reminder. We are waiting on tenterhooks, because this is the first new recording in quite a few years.



Welcome to Leniwiec! Victoria sings and plays the violin, guitar and keyboard. What will he do in Leniwiec? - it's complicated. Our singer Lola does not leave us, but health and personal issues do not always allow her to travel frequently. In such cases, Victoria will go to concerts with us. We will also try to play some concerts with seven people (like last weekend in the Czech Republic). Victoria will certainly also be present on our studio recordings. The muse has been playing in her heart since childhood and has never quieted down - we hope that our musical worlds will get along well and for a long time.


After quite a few years of break, in 2024, we return to the legendary Punky Reggae live tour! We can't wait for these 20 meetings with you. We share the stage with bands: Farben Lehre and The Bill.


Recently, our film for the RAJ album premiered. Instead of a music video, we present you an anti-music video in which we tried to show what it's like to simply listen to music (especially entire albums). We invited our friends who are closely related to music (they play or have played in bands, dance, go to festivals... generally, they have music in their blood) to the video. Instead of hundreds of shots and quick cuts by the editor, we focused on one shot - enjoy!



We welcome a new drummer to Leniwiec! Dawid Leszczyk has been playing drums for three decades and during this time he was a member of several very good rock, punk, folk and blues bands. After the first rehearsals, we already know that he is a really great musician and he seems quite nice


The open-air season is in full swing. We invite you to August concerts in Poland and Slovakia


Unfortunately, we don't have good news - for reasons beyond the bands' control, we have to postpone the concert in Wałbrzych. We are in contact with Papug Pub and we are setting a new date in the spring. We sincerely apologize to you! Take care and take care of yourself! We hope to see you in the spring! Tickets are valid and can also be returned at Papug Pub. As soon as we arrange a new date, we will inform you.


Finally there is! Music video for the song "Krzychu". A serious subject and note that has been appreciated by many of you for years. We hope that we lived up to your expectations. Write here how it turned out, and if you like it, please share it.Thank you for co-financing the music video by the city of Jelenia Góra.Many thanks for lending the polonaise to the collector from Przesieka, Mr. Michał Okrzes.Thank you for participating in the video: Magda Ziemba, Małgorzata Wójtowicz, Katarzyna Adamowicz, Bartek Nowak.



For years we have been friends (not only musical) of the guys from Farben Lehre. So we couldn't miss the Friends for Friends compilation. Check out our version of "Pozytywka" and the whole album - we recommend it!



We are coming back to live on X Muszlownik Murcki Festival on 10.07.2021 in Katowice


The CD "Rozpaczliwie wolny - Piosenki Edwarda Stachury" is available again. Our publisher decided to add a second edition.


After the pandemic we are slowly coming back to touring. Later this year we will play at the biggest Polish punk festival. We invite you to PUNK FEST 2020 in Gdańsk!



Today is the premiere of our concert at Pol'and'Rock 2019. You can see the whole concert at YT



Leniwiec - Krzychu Live Pol'and'Rock 2019. Already in May we will release the entire concert and now catch this one song. If you like it, please share. For us, this concert for thousands of people was one of the most important events in life.



Info for fans of serials. In July, the broadcast of the series "Reported" on the ATM channel began. Why are we writing about it? - in the lead of the series you can hear our music. Nice watching / listening



2.08.2019 at 22.00 - Pol'and'Rock Festival in Pokojowea Wioska Kryszny!!!



We invite you to the Jeleniogórskie Błonia for a unique concert: Leniwiec - 25th birthday - 17.05.2019. Nocny Kochanek and the finalists of the Liga Rocka will play with us. Entering the concert is free. Leniwiec and Liga Rocka are parallels - they have been operating for 25 years. Leniwiec repeatedly performed on the Rock League and that's where he played the most important concerts in the first years. Leniwiec's birthday concert could not have had a better place than Liga Rocka final in 2019.



Leniwiec has a new vocalist - welcome to board Karolina Mielniczyn!!!


Leniwiec is looking for a singer. KONTAKT:


After 10 years Agis decided to leave the band after the summer's concerts. In Ustron (August 31, 2018) we played the last concert in the old line-up. Of course, we wish Agis good luck on the new music path!


Listen new clip for the song named Edelman



We invite you to the spring club tour. We will play together with our buddies from De Łindows. We can now open the secret and announce that we will play 3 new songs :)



Leniwiec again on Woodstock! See you in Pokojowa Wioska Kryszny in saturday, 05.08.2017 at 22:00


Now You can see new clip for song called RAJ



The workshop on the ZOOM-ZBLIŻENIA International Film Festival created an animated video for the song "Raj". At the premiere video we invite to the cinema Lot on Sunday 26.02.2017



Another clip named Chłopcy z Placu Broni.



Catch the new video of Leniwiec - "Moje Karkonosze" (acoustic version) by Marka MArtini.



we are pleased to say that we are in compilation CD named: 40 LAT PUNKROCKA



Today the long-awaited premiere of our seventh CD, namer: RAJ. In addition, the release also has the video for the song: Miłość jak z horroru



We invite you from watching and sharing our new clip named Moje miasto.



We are pleased to announce our seventh album named: "Raj",which will be released by Mystic Production . Album, which will have its premiere on September 9, 2016 , you can already pre-order visit our publisher. There you can read about it some information.



Spring 2016 marked the filming of clips and mixes the new album , which has just ended . Of course, also we are touring - we start in the second half of May


New year start by Information about that our new album already in the mix. Keep your fingers crossed that sounded good!


Hits on Youtube has exceeded 2 million. Thanks!


Studio work is close to end. At now we also play some concerts in music clubs in Poland and Czech Republic


Open air concerts are going on. This time we play in different parts of Poland, Czech Republic and Germany. At the same time we will finish work on a new album. Stay tuned!


On the 19 of February we will play with orchestra! You can watch it in TVP Kultura


We are recording new album:)


Enjoy a concert on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the stage. There will be also concerts of befriended bands: Raggafaya, Koniec Świata and the Ga-Ga Zielone Żabki.
31.08.2014 - FREE ENTRANCE - 15:00 - start on time!
PLACE - Aeroclub Airport Jeleniogórskiego
15.00 Raggafaya
16.20 Koniec Świata
17.40 Zielone Żabki/GA GA
19.00 Leniwiec

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And...another video from album "Rozpaczliwie wolny. Piosenki Edwarda Stachury". This time it's song named "Nie rozdziobia nas kruki"

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Another video from new album

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Two new videos of Leniwiec

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Text of Leniwiec in the manual edited by the Anne Frank Foundation

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Video from TVshow with Leniwiec

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